Rosin Resin Dispersion

West Tech Rosin Resin Dispersion is an aqueous, solvent free, anionic rosin ester dispersion. It is recommended as a tackifier for acrylic latex polymers used in label, tape, and construction applications。 The use of resin dispersion enhances specific adhesion to polyolefin substrates and recycled corrugated board。


        Environmentally friendlly

        Improves adhesion to polyethylene and olypropylene

        Provides low viscosity sprays

        Resistance to acids and alkalies

        Outstanding tackifier in waterborne adhesives

        Exhibits good storage and mechanical stability

        Good pigment and substrate wetting

        Broad compatibility

Specification and Application


1. Milk-white liquid, in IBC drum of 1000kg/drum.

2. In plastic drum of 200kg/drum.


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